Carnarvon Gorge is Open

Updated News 21st December

Since the November 2018 bush fire, which effected parts of the surrounding area, Takarakka & Carnarvon Gorge has reopened and we are witnessing nature’s fast and impressive recovery.

National Park Rangers have been busy assessing and reopening the walking tracks.

Most of the tracks have reopened and visitors are enjoying the wonderful experience of Carnarvon Gorge.

The visitor area, and the main gorge walking track including Moss Garden, Wards Canyon, the Art Gallery, Boolimba Bluff, the Nature Trail and the Rock Pool, Mickey’s Creek and Warrumbah Gorge are all open.

Baloon Cave is closed. The Amphitheatre and the track beyond the Art Gallery (including Cathedral Cave and Big Bend) are currently closed. Please remain on the walking track, do not enter closed areas, and observe all signs, barriers and directions from rangers.

Come and discover how quickly nature bounces back. Carnarvon Gorge is still mostly green and lush and Takarakka’s beautiful swimming area awaits every tired walker for a relaxing and refreshing dip.


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