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Get the lowdown on the Gorge

One of the best ways to learn all about how to get the most from your visit to Carnarvon Gorge is to come along to our free daily information sessions.

After a fun afternoon at our Bush bar, join us at 5pm on ‘the deck’ to hear first-hand all about the amazing walks & adventures you can have during your stay at Takarakka – what time of day to do them for the best photos, where to spot the wildlife, which are the gorges’ secrets, and how to have the best experience ever. You’ll come away inspired and wanting to see absolutely everything!

You’ll learn a bit more about Carnarvon Gorge and we’re happy to offer advice on exactly which walks are best for the time you have here, plus we’ll give you the all-important latest weather forecast.

Discover the secrets of Carnarvon Gorge


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