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Protected Flying Fox Deterrent Program

The Little Red Flying Fox (bat) colony which previously roosted at Cathedral Cave within the National Park, have been reluctant to take roost since their unfortunate experience during the November 2018 fire.

This unsettled behaviour is causing the colony to seek new roosting grounds beyond the vast National Park grounds, which leaves them at risk. The Little Red Flying Fox are a very important native species and are highly protected, they follow the flowering of eucalypt and importantly, pollinate these species throughout the regions.

Unfortunately, due to reduced natural habitat, the Flying Fox in general is largely misunderstood and has become despised among many city folk who dislike their smell and consistent chatter as the bats are forced into built up areas. The Flying Foxes arrive in large numbers and cause significant damage to surrounding trees and property and cause a nuisance and annoyance.

Many people believe to shoot the bats en masse is the only way to protect their farms and properties.

We do not want the bats to destroy your peace and tranquillity nor Takarakka’s vegetation and property.  Our aim is for these highly valued and protected species to enjoy the protection of the neighbouring Carnarvon Gorge National Park where they can flourish and prosper.

We are currently running a Deterrent Program to avoid the nomadic colonies settling at Takarakka, and encourage them back to the safety of the gorge.

Bat Deterrent Management must follow a Code of Conduct under strict environmental protection guidelines. Takarakka has highly trained and experienced staff running this program with the bat’s welfare being of primary concern. We will be using smoke machines fuelled with liquid cotton seed oil and citronella and a bird scarer cannon which creates a high level of disturbance for bats (and unfortunately humans) for a limited time as required. We are very careful to ensure that the timing, methods, machinery and materials used comply to the Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct and our daily observation records are available for viewing in Reception on request.

Guests will see thick rising fog and hear the noise from the thermal fogging machine.  On rare occasions the cannons will be used to create a loud bang.

If you’re a light sleeper please pop into Reception and request ear plugs to limit the inconvenience as the program timing will depend on the bat’s time of movements.

We hope to avoid the bats unnecessarily settling in their hundreds of thousands at Takarakka.

We sincerely apologise for this highly necessary (but very noisy) disturbance.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Takarakka Management


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