Santa discovers hidden gem at Carnarvon Gorge!

Santa knows that Carnarvon Gorge National Park & Takarakka Bush Resort are both open ALL year round, with water in the creek – and he plans to keep his cool there during his busy rounds this Christmas!

You can can explore this summer too:
✓ Carnarvon Creek flows all the time & has plenty of water in it right now – so you can cool off after your walks
✓ This constant water flow means the gorge is lush & green (despite the terrible drought conditions elsewhere) – so the gorge is stunning as always
✓ There are no bushfires at Carnarvon Gorge – so it’s fine to visit
✓ Takarakka Bush Resort is open all year round – so you have somewhere to sleep (accommodation & camping options to suit)
✓ The road is bitumen all the way – so your car will get you here

With Santa at Takarakka on Christmas Day, spreading Christmas cheer – he might even have a treat … just for you.

So? … Have you been naughty? Or have you been nice?

YES, the gorge and Taka are open. YES, you can go for a swim. And YES, it’ll be … FUN!

Please call us on 07 4984 4535 for the lowdown on what’s going on.

We’d love to see you here!

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