Taka time

Takarakka – peace & tranquillity

Our guests love the peace, tranquillity and vibrancy of life as nature intended it, and once you’ve settled in at Takarakka, you’ll find your own meaning for Taka Time.

Enjoy the wildlife and impressive population of birds as you wander along the meandering Takarakka riverside, spot a platypus or an echidna, or just sit in peace and soak in the simple beauty of this oasis in the outback.

You might get social toasting marshmallows over the campfire, or make new friends at the Bush bar or over dinner, and kids will get to fully experience nature and life without technology!

We look forward to sharing our little piece of paradise and showing you how life is in the slow lane. Our dedicated Taka Team will take care of your needs, share our stories, cook up a roast and even guide you to see our favourite places in the gorge, and you can enjoy unplugged, family friendly, fresh air and stunning surrounds with the comforts and convenience of top rated amenities.

  • Escape everyday life to a hidden gem
  • Discover the magical secrets of the gorge
  • Unwind & relax in beautiful bush surrounds
  • Connect with nature & those around you

whatever your Taka time looks like – welcome to Takarakka. enjoy.Platypus at Carnarvon Gorge

Meet the local Takarakka platypus colony who’ve chosen to set up camp. These endearing little creatures and their growing families can be seen frolicking in Carnarvon Creek just metres from campsites.