Guided Tours

Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer guided tours. Revisit this page to find out when they are back on.

Guided tours - challenge your mind, feet & soul

Why just visit the gorge when you can live it with a local guide? Touch, taste, see, smell and hear the essence of the gorge and all its little secrets. You’ll gain a true understanding of this awesome place that can’t be gained alone.

Meet your guide

At Takarakka we pride ourselves on giving you the best Carnarvon Gorge experience possible, and our team of local guides are no exception. They have an absolute passion for the bush, and come from backgrounds of years spent adventuring, hiking, exploring and guiding.

In Carnarvon Gorge our guides are in their true comfort zone, and can share stories with you that will give you a laugh, get you thinking and keep you informed and inspired as you adventure along the way. What you’ll get on your personalised tour will be a once in a lifetime experience with guides who know the gorge like the back of their hand.

To gain the most from your time in the gorge, we limit our tours to a maximum of 14 people per day, so please take the opportunity to book as soon as possible and avoid disappointment, as our guided tours are often booked out months in advance.

Tours of the Carnarvon Gorge

Wilderness Wander

This is the must-do walk of Carnarvon Gorge, taking in the iconic four big highlights – Art Gallery, Wards Canyon, Amphitheater and Moss Gardens. As part of your experience, take the time to wander and listen to the call of the birds and the bush. When exploring with your guide, you’ll see so much more as the special secrets of the gorge are unravelled. You’ll be introduced to aboriginal rock art, weird and wonderful plants and animals, and how the gorge in all its beauty came to be. Each new stunning spectacle will spur you on to the next, and before you know it you’ll have covered a full 14km! Bring along snacks, water and lunch to enjoy along the way.

$55 adults, $30 children 5 to 16 years Approx. 8am - 4 pm

Tours of the Carnarvon Gorge

Guide to the Galaxy

Imagine no city lights, amazingly clear dark skies and thousands of stars above. Takarakka is the ideal place to view the heavens. We start the night by pointing out some of the brighter stars and constellations, then go to the telescope for a closer-up view of some beautiful and fascinating objects not visible to the naked eye. Your guide will give a thorough but easy to understand explanation of what we’re looking at. Our combination of sky, state of the art observatory and expertise make for an experience as brilliant as the Carnarvon night sky. Just sit back and relax, no walking involved.

$30 adults, $15 children 5 to 16 years Approx. 1 hour

Guide to the galaxy, one of the activities available at the Carnarvon Gorge

Walking tours are seasonal from mid-March to September
Guide to the Galaxy tour open all year round