Pets & wildlife

Can I bring my pets in to Takarakka?

Pets are not allowed at Takarakka or in Carnarvon Gorge National Park

Do you offer pet boarding?

Boarding kennels are available in the neighbouring towns of Rolleston, Emerald & Roma, so give your fur-babies & feathered friends a holiday while you’re here enjoying Carnarvon national park.

Listed below are local boarding facilities that will offer a discount if you mention Takarakka when booking with them, or contact us for a list of other pet boarding facilities in the area

07 4987 7748
Maraboon Pet Resort, Emerald

     07 4987 7748

Is it OK to feed the wildlife?

Wildlife conservation is important, so please help us keep the animals and birds wild & healthy by not feeding them, and ensuring your food is well covered and rubbish securely stored in rubbish bins provided. No animals or plants are to be brought into or taken from the area

Can I go fishing?

Fishing & netting are not permitted in the national park or Carnarvon Creek

Fuel, roads, caravan sites, car parking & weather

Do you sell fuel?

There’s no fuel available at Carnarvon Gorge. We recommend you refuel / top up at either Rolleston (100km north) or Injune (150km south) on the way in

How far is it to the nearest fuel?

Rolleston (100km north) or Injune (150km south)

Do I need a 4WD to get in there?

This is classed as an all-vehicle road and accessible for all cars and caravans. You certainly don’t need four-wheel drive or off-road vehicles under normal conditions, simply travel at an appropriate speed and drive to the conditions

Is the road in suitable for caravans?

The road is considered suitable for caravans and motorhomes. It’s all bitumen into Takarakka

What are the road conditions like?

The 40km drive in from Carnarvon Highway to Takarakka is bitumen all the way! Road condition reports can be accessed by phoning Takarakka on 07 4984 8484

What’s the road in like after big rain?

The creek crossings can flood, although this is a rarity. If there’s been heavy rain in the surrounding area and you’re unsure, simply contact us and we’ll give you an update

Do you have drive-through sites?

Limited drive through sites are available on request, simply let us know when you make your booking

Is extra car parking available?

Car parking within Takarakka is limited to one vehicle per site or accommodation. If you’re towing an additional car, boat or trailer with your motorhome, please include this in the size of your motorhome to ensure a suitable site is allocated.

Day parking is available at the National Park entrance for guests exploring the gorge

Which location should I check the weather from?

The Carnarvon Range creates its own weather system which can vary from the surrounding area, Rolleston is probably the best guide, however please remember this is an indication only as mother nature always does her own thing!

How cold does it get at night?

Temperatures in April to August can be very chilly overnight with warm days; it may be a good idea to bring a jacket, an extra sleeping bag and snuggle up

Food & drink supplies, gas & ice

Do you sell food & drink?

We have a good range of basics at our general store – bread, meat, eggs, milk, drinks, snacks, ice-creams, tinned and packet foods, pre-made sandwiches & wraps, beer & wine, assorted groceries, camping essentials, ice & gas refills.

Great range of souvenirs, books & gifts also available.

We stock a limited range of fresh fruit and veg during the peak season (usually potatoes, onions, pumpkin, oranges & apples – selection will vary, enough to whip up a yummy meal!). Outside of peak season we don’t sell any fresh fruit or veg, so come prepared

Can I buy fresh fruit & veg?

We have a limited range of fresh fruit & veg available during peak season (usually potatoes, onions, pumpkin, oranges & apples – selection will vary, enough to whip up a yummy meal!). Outside peak season, unfortunately we don’t sell fresh fruit & veg, so come prepared

Do you sell ice & gas refills?

Our General store stocks ice and gas refills are also available

Water, showers & laundry

Is the water suitable for drinking?

Free potable drinking water is available on all powered sites, from all camp kitchens and in all accommodation

Do I have to pay for the showers?

We have free hot showers and excellent modern bathroom facilities for our guest. Perfect after a day out walking

Can I do my laundry there?

If you have to get your gear clean, Takarakka is a lovely place to do your laundry. Washing machine, clothes line and clothes dryer are provided, and washing machine tokens can be purchased at general store for $5 per load and include environmentally-friendly detergent

Rubbish & dump points

Do you have a dump point?

Due to our remote location, we ask that you use our clean, modern amenities while you’re here and use the free public dump points available at Rolleston, Injune, Springsure, Emerald and Roma on the way in and out of the gorge. Thanks for your understanding. Caught short? We do have a dump point available for ’emergencies’. Please note – Takarakka operates a fully environmental biological waste treatment system and dumping of chemical toilet waste is prohibited into our system

Can I leave my hard rubbish with you?

We don’t have a rubbish tip at Takarakka, and as we’re in the national park, ask that you ‘only leave footprints’. If your camp chair, tent or tarp ‘dies’ during your visit, feel sad, but please take it back out with you

Phone, internet, TV & radio

Will my mobile phone work?

We now have (very) limited mobile phone coverage at Takarakka – with Telstra if you have the latest Smart Phone on 4G, plus Optus (although both this Telstra & Optus coverage is intermittent).

For everyone else, there are no mobile phone calls or SMS messages, however we do have a public pay phone (that uses coins!) so if you really feel the need, you can call loved ones to tell them what an amazing time you’re having

Where can I plug in my phone charger?

Our Taka Safari tents are exactly that – tents, so they don’t have power points for your use, however you can charge your phones in our camp kitchens, as can anyone staying on an unpowered site.

We also have a ‘power bank’ at Reception for charging phones

Is there internet coverage?

There’s free guest Wi-fi on the deck area outside Reception, although with satellite & NBN – the service has limited capability.

If you do manage to hop online, you can post updates on Facebook, stay connected and make your friends jealous. Otherwise … enjoy a social media holiday instead

Will my satellite TV work?

You may get coverage if you have a satellite dish & satellite finder (otherwise make friends with someone else who has!)

Does radio work?

It’s intermittent – you might get radio coverage on a.m. bandwidth to listen to this week’s footy match, otherwise catch up at Bush bar and discuss who you think will win

Do you sell newspapers?

Make your own news! We’re a long way from daily newspapers. Solve the problems of the world around the camp fire while you’re toasting marshmallows & enjoying a nightcap

Other stuff

Can I swim at Carnarvon Gorge?

We have our own little ‘beach’ at Takarakka, plus there’s the Rock Pool on the way to the Carnarvon Gorge Visitor Centre. These are the only two places you can swim in all of Carnarvon Gorge

When is peak season?

Peak season runs from 29th March to 31st October. Off-peak season is from 1st November to 28th March