Takarakka Bush Resort park rules

At Takarakka Bush Resort we love the pristine environment of our park and the nature and wildlife within it, so in the interests of you having a pleasant stay (your ‘home’ while you’re here), we ask you take the time to read our park rules. It might seem like a long list – however we want all our guests to have an enjoyable visit.

  1. Check in time is 2pm for all accommodation and 12 noon for all caravan and camping sites. Arrivals prior to this time are not guaranteed.
  2. Check out time is 10am for all accommodation and caravan and camping sites.
  3. Please report to Reception on arrival and have car and van rego details ready to complete your check-in.
  4. Observe maximum 10km speed limit for driving & cycling within the park – this is safer for kids (and adults), our precious wildlife and reduces dust.
  5. Maximum one vehicle per site.
  6. Generators are not permitted.
  7. Please restrict noise from radios, televisions and social gatherings, we have a 9pm quiet policy.
  8. Non-smoking policy applies to all accommodation and covered areas.
  9. Campfires are allowed in designated fire pits only. Firewood is supplied, so please don’t use your own (this creates potential seed & weed spreading within the national park). Also, be considerate of other campers wanting to use campfires, as firewood doesn’t grow on trees! (PS – marshmallows are available for sale in the general store).
  10. Cooking on camp stoves using fire (such as Ozpig or fire pits) are not permitted, please use our camp kitchens or designated fire pits.
  11. No cooking with naked flame or gas appliances is permitted in or around the Taka Safari Tents, Explorer Cabins or Kookaburra Studios. Camp kitchens are available for this purpose.
  12. All children under eight years must be accompanied to amenities by an adult and be supervised at all times.
  13. Please consider others when using the facilities by leaving them in a clean, neat and tidy condition.
  14. Help keep our park tidy by ensuring no litter is dropped or left lying around, there are rubbish bins provided. Also, please assist by taking your hard rubbish home, as we don’t have a rubbish tip.
  15. Please keep your site tidy and use the facilities provided for drying clothes.
  16. Dump point is available if required, although we ask guests to consider using free council dump points at Rolleston, Springsure or Injune on the journey in or out of Carnarvon Gorge and use our fabulous amenities during your stay. Thanks for your understanding.
  17. Water is a precious resource, please keep shower times to a minimum.
  18. To preserve water and prevent seed & weed spreading within the national park, no car or caravan washing is permitted.
  19. Help us keep the animals and birds healthy by not patting or feeding them and ensuring your food remains covered and secure at all times (they may try to outsmart you otherwise!)
  20. No domestic animals or pets allowed in the park. Consider giving your fur-babies and feathered family a holiday by booking them in for pet boarding in the nearby towns of Emerald or Roma.
  21. No animals or plants are to be brought in to or taken out of the area.
  22. Fishing and netting are not allowed.
  23. Water craft (boats, canoes, kayaks etc) are not permitted in Carnarvon Creek.
  24. In the interests of everyone’s safety, peace & privacy, the use of drones is strictly prohibited within the park.
  25. The guest(s) name on the booking is responsible for ensuring all persons staying in / on their accommodation or site adheres to these park rules.